Friday, June 09, 2006

Eastern Envoy vacation

*January 26 - 31, 2006
making the transition to live in the southeast, after growing up skiing and kayaking in the upstate of NY has it's plusses and minuses. the only real downside is there is not much skiing happening here in Tryon, NC. not to fear, that is what vacations are for! my brother still lives in Salt Lake City, UT. he and I moved out there together in 1992, he never left. take 3 good friends fly out and hit the snow as good as could be for 4 days (Brighton, Snowbird, Snowbasin and Alta) in late January. makes me a little envious of the folks that live in this epic place. if there was any decent kayaking in SLC, I would have never left. after all, where else can you ski "the greatest snow on earth" and have all the awesome amentities of a pretty cool city within an hour of each other. if the weather cooperates you could even get a round of golf in the same day! If you like sushi, hit up the Happy Sumo in the Gateway Open Air Mall in downtown. Port O Call for refreshing beverages is alway a quality choice as well.

I have got to give some advise here; If you have never been to Alta (sorry knuckledraggers), on a powder day, you need to MAKE it happen. The energy and aura exuding from everyone waiting for that first chair will make you forget anything other than that moment. beware, it is contagious! this first pic is sticking the landing from the top of Eddy's High Nowhere. I thought I was really cool right before this pic was taken, right up until a fellow freeheeler climbed up, clicked in and threw a 60 foot telecopter just left of where I dropped in. no thinking, no hesitation, step in and huck it, land and outta sight in 4 turns, awesome to see. wish I got it on film.
More to come.


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