Friday, July 28, 2006

Green River Narrow

The Green River Narrows that runs between Hendersonville, NC and Saluda, NC is one of the premier class V stretches of whitewater in the world. That is a pretty big statement but when you consider these three criteria, than I think you will agree; 1.) damn controlled year round, so it runs at a good level more than most any other river in the country, 2.) warm water for 8 months of the year and just chilly, for you westerners, the other four months, and lastly but definately not least, 3.) Class V action with these two world famous rapids, shown in these pics Gorilla and Sunshine. If you have never been on the Green and you are a solid boater, than I am sure it is on your list.

Here is the pic of Sunshine.

Chris Roberts - Eastern Technical Representative