Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tour de Thule

Thule's 2nd Annual Tour De Thule took place on Tuesday, October 10th, 2006, and included heroic performances, personal triumph and a near photo finish. Signaling a good-bye to warmer summer lunch rides and hello to harsh winter sessions on the indoor trainer, the Tour de Thule provides a yardstick for Thule's Seymour CT riders to train harder over the winter or relish in others misery. At any rate, the racers left the flagpole at US headquarters before noon, the first rider out being a new member of the Thule Wheelman's Club.

Denise started with 20.00 minutes on the field and fought off the peloton until the very end. Waves of cyclists left the building in intervals based a secret time formula planned to get all riders on the final hill together.

After a 13.3 mile course through rolling hills, past Clark Library, and back home, Thule's number crunchers had it right, as the last hill had over 10 riders climbing for top position.

First place finisher Peter Pell had the following to
say about his victory, "Clearly I have been
sandbagging to get a better start time, and my cleaver
rues has again paid off in a big event".
Pell also credited a pre-ride stretch and
expert mechanical work of product manager Darren Synder.

In total, 17 riders took the challenge of Tour De Thule 2006 - all who participated or cheered from the sidelines had a great time and are already in training for 2007.