Monday, October 13, 2008

East Coast Envoy Check in

Break’er 1-9 This here’s Ted Cituk checking in from the road.

September has been a month full of showing Thule products to the most diverse crowds of people I have seen on my Envoy adventure.

We started September by being the top sponsor of the 1st annual NECKS “north east canoe and kayak symposium” the event had an excellent location and fairly good weather even though there was a guest visit by the remnants of hurricane IKE. IKE even hung out long enough to take a good look at the Hullavator and Hullaport-Pro and was very impressed with there functionality and quality.

Next it was off to the Hershey RV show in Hershey PA. This week long show had a good turnout of interesting people and there were plenty of exhibitors to keep them busy. The SMART RV system was a great hit with everyone, the Sink and Trash Bin were by far the most popular, but the LCD TV Post was not far behind with its growing following of Race fans, now happy they could now watch the races while outside.

As the September heat kept me thinking it was summer, I figured I might as well head south and prolong the summer as long as possible. I met up with Shawn Keenan in Orlando and we got to attend a Chrysler dealer conference where we introduced the Thule brand to the Chrysler dealers in attendance. The response was well received, as most of the dealers already knew the Thule name and were now excited that they could offer Thule branded racks and boxes directly to their customers as they get their new cars.

Finishing out this trip, the trusty Dodge and I stopped by Perry, FL to visit UWS. We were welcomed with wonderful southern hospitality and the aroma of what I can only describe as the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. After an informative tour of the UWS facilities, I said my goodbyes and pointed the Dodge north, before I gave into the temptation of a second lunch that day.

I’m off to Atlanta to wait in line for Gas, until next time


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