Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day Five 3-29-06

WIND! WIND! WIND! Stay tuned.

So we woke up this morning to 40 mph wind gusts and very ominous clouds, definitely did not look good for riding. After a big breakfast we headed into the town of Moab to meet up with Darren's buddy Clark at one of the local bike shop. Once we were in town the wind was much better and it looked good for a ride. The rest can only be described in pictures. For those Thule people we will get as many pictures as possible on the F: Drive soon. I also have to give a huge thanks to CANNONDALE, these bikes kick big a**!!! Cannondale - We are all on Prophets


mrselm2b said...

hope you weren't blown away today?!

k. said...

Kevin and I also loved the different types of graffiti we saw across the country. From CT to about Chicago, it was gang related, done in spray paint. From Chicago to SLC it was religious based, posted on signs in corn fields and cow pastures. In the salt flats after SLC, it is people leaving their names in stones on the side of the road. See any good graffiti on your trip?

mrselm2b said...

Fabulous pictures- Team is so excited for you... they loved the link for the bikes!
Smiles- me&him