Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day Four 3-28-06

The picture is the scene we woke up to this morning. It was dark when we arrived at the rest stop so we had no idea what was around us. I'll post more as the day unfolds. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE!!

We headed into Salt Lake City to meet up with one of Darren's buddies who works at Black Diamond. We had breakfast at "Eggs in the City" and were then treated to a tour of the Black Diamond facility and the life cycle of a carabiner. We then loaded up again and headed off to Moab. The drive from SLC to Moab was spectacular, mountain passes, grazing cattle, endless plains, truly amazing. We arrived in Moab about 4:30 MST and found the KOA campground to hook up the RV and finally cook a real dinner. No ride yet, we arrived a little too late and unfortunately the weather forcast is calling for rain tomorrow. We'll have to see in the morning how the weather looks. Like true pioneers we hunkered down for the night with a few beers and some delicious burritos courtesy of Chef John.

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mrselm2b said...

Nice view! My team is eagerly awaiting your next photos and comments! Several would like to know how they can find a job like yours!?!?!! I hear you sang to your wife today!?! was that a group sing or just you?!?! Have a wonderful day... da Momma